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    Benefits of Medical Cannabis Card

    Glendale has some of the strictest rules regarding the usage of medical cannabis in the entirety of the United States. In New York, only medical cannabis is legal.


    In Glendale, there are only a handful of diseases that are covered under the cannabis act. This feature is very different from what the laws are in California. So, one needs to be a lot more diligent about following the rules while using cannabis.

    Permitted Products

    There are only certain products that you can use/ carry in Glendale as per the law set by the Department of Health. One of the most prominent features on the list is that all forms of smokables are banned.


    In Glendale, you are allowed to nominate two people as your caregiver. This is an essential feature especially for underage patients and people with a major disability. The caregiver is allowed to buy cannabis for you from the dispensary.

    Easy Accessibility

    An MMJ card is the only way to access medical cannabis in the entire state of New York. Only government-approved dispensaries can sell cannabis. Also, you only have access to a large number of non-smokables.


    A medical marijuana card allows you to keep legal worries at bay. Also, you get access to medical cannabis at a fair price. You card will help you carry and possess your 30-day medicine stock.

    Legal Possession

    In 2019, recreational cannabis was well on its way to becoming legal in New York. But for some reason it got postponed till the next. So, at least or the time being you need to have an MMJ card to legally possess cannabis.

    Salient Features Of Medical Cannabis in New York

    Glendale is located in New York, The laws here are very different from the other states that have legalized medical cannabis.

    Patient Caregivers In Glendale

    A registered patient in Glendale is allowed to have one or two caregivers, A caregiver helps the patient purchase and administer medical cannabis, A designated caregiver can only be over the age of 21 and has to be a resident of the state of New York. Another aspect of this law is that the patient’s physician cannot be a caregiver.

    To register as a caregiver, one needs to first ensure that the patient’s application is approved, and only then can they apply with the New York Health Department.

    Compassionate Care Act

    In Glendale, it is the Compassionate Care Act that regulates the use, manufacture and sale of medical cannabis. The thought behind this act was to strike a balance between helping the people who are suffering and in need of treatment along with protecting the public from the risk that cannabis holds, Even though it came into being in July 2014, the first dispensary opened in January 2016.


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    How To Get An MMJ Card In Glendale

    To get a medical marijuana card in Glendale you need to follow a very strict 420 evaluation, that has been established under the Compassionate Care Act (CAA). The first thing you need to do is find a medical practitioner who is registered with the New York State Department’s Medical Cannabis Programme. Ensure you double-check your practitioner’s credentials as only a few doctors can write a recommendation for medical marijuana in Glendale.
    Once you decide where you are going to get your medical marijuana card from, the next order of business is to actually get a consultation with the concerned 420 doctors. Once the doctor writes you a recommendation, you can move onto the next step. Which is that you need to now register yourself with the New York Department of Health. They are responsible for keeping track on everyone who is using medical cannabis in the state. This is the step where you are supposed to register caregivers (if you have any) with the department as well. It is only once you are registered with the Department of Health that you can make a purchase from a medical marijuana dispensary.

    Qualifying Conditions In Glendale

    Qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in Glendale are mentioned under the Compassionate Care Act. The first need is for you to have one of the severe, debilitating, and life threatening conditions given below

    Parkinson’s Disease, Neuropathy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Cancer, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury With Spasticity, HIV/AIDS, Epilepsy
    Chronic Pain or Any Condition For Which An Opioid Might Be Prescribed

    Beyond this to actually qualify for an MMJ card you also need to prove that you have another complicating condition that is further degrading the quality of your life and making the road recovery a little difficult.
    That list includes;

    Opioid Misuse, Severe or Chronic Pain, Severe Nausea
    Seizures, Cachexia Or The Wasting Syndrome, Severe Or Persistent Muscle Spasm, PTSD

    MMJ Products Glendale

    Not all medical marijuana products are available for consumption in the Glendale. There is a strict legal framework in place which all medical marijuana users have to follow to be able to gain access to medical cannabis. For starters, patients are not allowed to cultivate their own cannabis. So, there are no cultivation laws. This is very different from other states, where patients can grow their own cannabis.

    The second thing to note is that there is no pre-set possession limit in place. The amount you are allowed to possess depends on the doctor who recommends cannabis. However, you are only allowed to stock up on a 30 day supply at a time.

    Additionally, there are restrictions on the forms of consumption available. Initially, only liquid and oil preparations were legal. But with time the list expanded to include topicals, chewable, tablets, lozenges, and other non-smokable forms of ground plant material.

    How it works?

    We have a simple three-step procedure in place that helps you gain access to medical marijuana in Glendale.

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